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Bringing Real Humans into XR with the HOLOSYS+ by 4Dviews

Higher Quality Photorealism & the Largest Capture Zone for Human Performances

GRENOBLE, France, Aug. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- 4Dviews, a leading innovator in volumetric capture, has announced the launch of their next-generation volumetric capture system, the HOLOSYS+, at SIGGRAPH 2023.

The HOLOSYS+ brings three main advances over its predecessor – higher-quality photorealism, the largest capture zone in the industry, and superior system performance. These innovations help content creators bring increased realism, more dynamic scenarios, and a better feeling of presence to their audience.

The first deployment of the HOLOSYS+ has been done at 4Dviews' client Crescent Inc.'s facilities in Japan.

"The HOLOSYS+ is built upon our 16 years of experience building high-quality volumetric capture systems. This new system provides XR professionals with volumetric video that immerses their audience in the world of the storyteller", said Richard Broadbridge, CEO of 4Dviews. "With the upgraded hardware and all-new system architecture, we're keeping abreast of growing demand."

The HOLOSYS+ is an all-in-one volumetric capture system now available to be installed by 4Dviews globally. The system will be available in two configurations – 32 cameras and 48 cameras. The volumetric video output of the HOLOSYS+ is fully compatible with industry-standard hardware and software, enabling a seamless integration into existing professional workflows.

About 4Dviews

4Dviews ( is the leader in high-quality volumetric studios and volumetric video editing software. Best known for setting up the world's first volumetric capture studio in France, the company has been perfecting the art of human representation in XR since 2007. With more than 20 studios set up across Asia, North America, and Europe, the 4Dviews' international team shares a passion for putting real humans at the center of great stories.

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