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Arne Balk

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Dimenco unites hardware, software and technology to deliver fast, rich and natural three-dimensional experiences – with no wearables required. We’ve developed and produced a range of innovative own-brand products with our Built on SR technology, in addition to helping OEMs take the leap from ordinary to extraordinary technology production.

Our mission is to push boundaries and achieve the dream of Simulated Reality – one of the world’s biggest developments in 3D. Our open approach to the possibilities of spatial computing will result in totally new ways of interacting and experiencing your display, delivering a real-world presence to virtual objects.

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News Releases
Aug 4, 2022

Simulated Reality allows users to view and engage with 3D objects in a fully virtual environment – without the need for bulky wearables Visitors to Dimenco’s booth will see how Simulated...

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